Sumana, while she was talking to Aditi, her best friend, who is getting married today, was frequently getting distracted; she did not even realize for a while that she was looking at the guy who came with the groom, as his best friend.

When she realized that she was looking at the guy she immediately confronted herself, “Today is my best friend’s marriage and it will be inappropriate for me to look at anything else with any interest even if he is a handsome guy.” Only after she spoke to herself she stopped looking at him.

While Sumana stopped looking at the guy let us examine why Sumana felt this guy as handsome.

Ears: Does he have two ears? Yes. Are they of exactly equal size? Yes.
Eyes: Are they of exactly equal size? Yes.
Nose: Is his nose tilted to one side? No. Are the nostrils of equal size? Yes.
Head: If his head is divided by an imaginary vertical plane which divides it into right and left half, will they be of exactly identical shape and size? Yes.
Shoulders: Are they of exactly equal size? Yes.
Hands: Are they of equal length and of equal size? Yes.
Legs: Are they of equal length? Yes. Is there any leg length discrepancy? No.
This kind of symmetry is there into anything which looks beautiful, handsome, pretty or attractive etc.
Imagine coconut leaves reflecting moonlight in a full moon night; a Christmas tree, a fern tree, a broccoli, a cauliflower – there is symmetry everywhere in nature. Symmetry is there even in non-living things like snowflakes, in an airplane, in a parachute, in a paraglide etc.
So does a girl feel a guy to be handsome because he is having symmetrical look? She definitely never thinks like “Oh! This guy is so symmetrical. ”
But when she looks at him for the first time all the visual information is transformed into a single binary information, whether there is a symmetry or not, possibly without even realizing. And if she senses a perfect symmetry, she might look again, may be without even knowing. This symmetry is again a manifestation of some very basic and very fundamental information which is again stored in a perfect symmetry. Millions of years of evolutionary wisdom, which is embedded into her, tell her, somehow, that only with a man of perfect symmetry she has the maximum probability of having a normal, healthy child, if she falls in love, decide to get married and eventually decide to have children.

Author: Mintu Ghoshal.


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