Idly Sambhar (South Indian food)

This is a busy restaurant in T. Nagar, Chennai. Due to heavy influx of North Indians, most of the restaurants serve variety of North Indian dishes. One local couple, in their early 30s was going through the North Indian section of the menu card. Both appeared to be very happy which could be due to the ambiance of the dining hall and/or the variety of North Indian dishes available in the menu. The man was wearing pure white dress and the lady was wearing a gorgeous looking silk sari, her head was fully decorated with flowers. It could be their anniversary or could be the birthday of one of them or could be some other important occasion. Probably they are also going to have some change from their regular food habit, which could have added to their excitement. The couple decided on an item and placed their order. The couple started looking all smiles. In a minute’s time the waiter came back, apologized, saying they ran out of that dish and started suggesting other North Indian dishes from the menu. The happiness from the face of the couple disappeared instantly, They asked for Idly and Sambar. The waiter noted their order and left.

Author: Mintu Ghoshal

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