In Pune there are not too many of them. But they are there, more so when it rains.
When someone works with undivided attention, they also do their work with equal or more attention. Probably they need some inspiration from their victim.

But these are the few things one might have observed.

It is hard to spat till they taste blood. One may think, okay it is coming south-east with an approximate velocity of 1 foot/sec, but the slap, based on this calculation, will be futile, in most cases. It will be unharmed. It will be almost impossible to predict its location just by knowing its direction of motion and rate of change of position. They behave too unpredictable.

One is not stabbed by many of them at the same time, spat one mosquito, and may think that was the last one, but no soon there will be the next one, but only one at a time. Almost like cricket batsman, only when one is out, the other will be seen coming out of the pavilion. (This is not a good analogy, when I will come up with a better one I will edit the page and change it with a better one.)

While eating food when both hands will be engaged, they will sit even on fingers.

If someone pretend as if working but keeps hand and mind ready to spat, it will not sit on any part of the body till the potential victim really stops pretending and start focusing on work seriously.

Author: Mintu Ghoshal

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