When Twin Tower was targeted, the president of the country was visiting a school. His personal security guard kept him in a secret location till they could see through the smoke and dust of the destruction. The prime minister of a country across the Atlantic, the all season friend, immediately went into hiding; it feels good to think to be important. Then came the time to take revenge. Result, one country which was already at the lowest level of destruction was carpet bombed and another country which was few hundred miles away and had nothing to do with twin tower ever was also attacked for God only knows what that reason could be. Conclusion: if you are powerful you can do anything and get away with it, nobody can touch you.
Examples of revenges are everywhere in history and also the epic stories. Zengis khan attacked Persia to take revenge on the Sultan who executed his ambassador. Then he started destroying country after country and cleared their population.
Common people who need to be protected always feel intimidated and vulnerable by the powerful. But not always my friend, fasten your seat belt and I am going to narrate to you the last part, which is not generally published, of one of the most fascinating stories of all time, “The Arabian Nights”.
King of Persia (currently Iran) and his brother who was the king of Samarkand (presently Uzbekistan) discovered that their wives were infidels. Their wives and their male companions were immediately executed and fed to dogs. Since both their wives were found to be infidels a conclusion was immediately drawn that “all women are infidels and hence cannot be trusted.” After bidding adieu to his brother to Samarkand, the king decided to marry a girl every night and strangle her the next day. The prime minister was assigned with the task of finding the girl and also to execute the next morning. Every family, who was having a girl child, was in a state of panic, not knowing when their daughters will be taken away.
The prime minister had two daughters. The elder one persuaded her father to arrange her marriage with the king. It was not easy but she eventually succeeded. The king after knowing who the bride was surprised and asked the prime minister how difficult it will be to strangle her own daughter. However in the night the king found her newly wedded wife to be sobbing. On being asked he came to know that she is missing her younger sister, whom she wants to see for the last time. Her sister was brought into the palace. The younger sister begged her elder sister to tell her a story for the last time. On being permitted by the king the sister started telling a story. However day broke before the story was over. The king, who was eagerly listening to the story was mesmerized and realized that he had to listen to the last part of the story, so he ordered to delay the execution by one day.
The last part of the story was narrated at night and the younger sister insisted to tell another story. With the king’s permission the elder one started a new story and once again the day broke before the story was finished. So the execution was held by one more day.
The same thing repeated night after night. However in between the younger sister was married to the king’s brother who was the king of Samarkand and the two sisters had to take breaks because they had to give birth to babies.
After listening to the 1000th story the king realized his mistake and he decided not to execute any more girls and praised the two sisters especially the elder one for softening his heart. Most of the books of Arabian Nights just stop here but there is more to the story, which for some reason is not widely circulated and this is what I am going to narrate.
The elder sister wanted to take revenge on the two kings for abusing their power and causing suffering to so many families. After receiving royal pardon she informed the king that there is a kingdom where the girls are as beautiful as roses. There is nothing in the earth or in the heaven which is more beautiful than the girls of that country. The country she mentioned is what modern day Turkey is. She gave a vivid description of the beauty of the two princesses of Turkey who are the heir to the throne as the king has no son. The two kings wasted no time and resting the administration of their own countries on their able prime ministers set forth for Turkey to marry those two princesses.
They found everything which was told to be true. They introduced themselves but never mentioned that they are having wives and expressed their intention to marry the princesses. Soon every arrangement was made for the marriage and till that time the two were asked to stay in the palace as royal guests. During their stay at the palace they were mesmerized by the beauty of the maids who were working in the palace as servants and expressed their intention to take some of them and keep as concubines when they go back to their own countries with their newly wedded wives. By mistake they expressed their intention to someone in the palace, who was close to the Sultan. These two were immediately arrested for infidelity which was a serious crime in that land and sentenced to prison for 10 long years. During their prison term religious books were read to them with an intention of uplifting their morals. However the quantum of upliftment, if any, was not mentioned anywhere. After 10 long years the two were released and asked to leave Turkey immediately. When they came back to their own country no one could recognize them from the miserable look they acquired during the hardship of the prison term. They were not allowed to go even near the palace. Their two queens in the meantime married to the commander in chiefs and continued their statuses as queens. These two former kings finally left their country and landed in Bagdad. There they became story tellers and started narrating those 1000 stories which the elder sister narrated to them. The stories like “Aladin and his magic lamp”, “Sinbad the sailor” and every single story kept their audiences spell bound. The stories started spreading from mouth to mouth and eventually someone cared to compile. For those two kings their status did not change a bit and for the rest of their lives they were narrating the same stories but world got some of the most fascinating stories ever told except the last part of it which I tried to narrate here.


Author: Mintu Ghoshal

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