Three kinds of languages

If you have a visitor in your house you will find that (s)he is talking very polite and always smiles, everything looks to be picture perfect, no one is hurt. So why can’t everybody talks like this all the time and human behavioral problem will be solved once for all. The fact is this language has a very limited vocabulary, I call it programming language. Just like a computer programming language, this can serve limited purpose with its very limited vocabulary. When people speak using this language you will find either no limb movement or very limited limb movement.

Next comes the verbal or natural language. Experts claim that only 7% of our communication is via verbal language. Remember verbal abuse also falls under this category.

Most of our communication is via body language. Experts claim that before human being could able to speak meaningfully they used to communicate using body language, so this is very primitive and we speak in this language without even knowing. Like biting lips, crossing hands, hiding palms etc. are signs of body language. So when words contradict with body language we know which one to accept.

Author: Mintu Ghoshal

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