I was having a cup of tea standing beside a road side tea stall on Bhandarkar Road, Pune. Few feet away from the tea stall there was a stone bench on which a girl, who appeared either to be a high school student or in her first year in college, was having a cup of tea, which she had purchased from the same tea stall from where I purchased mine. She was also holding a packet of Parle-G biscuits. She kept her cup of tea on the stone bench, opened the packet and as soon as she took the first bite, a street dog came near her and kept looking at her with a great expectation in the eyes; probably not sure what was waiting for her, a biscuit or a chase. The dog also had lots of sores throughout her body which is not uncommon among street dogs.

The girl, instead of throwing a biscuit on the road, kept it on the stone bench just beside her. The dog ate it instantly and again looked at her. She again kept another biscuit on the same spot and the dog ate instantly and again looked at her.

This was going on for a while. In the meantime I finished my cup of tea. Since I did not want to miss the last part, I ordered another cup of tea and while drinking my second cup of tea I continued watching.

Even after she had fed the dog with all the biscuits from the packet, the dog was still standing there and kept looking at her. She swung the empty packet in front of the dog’s eyes. The dog was still looking at the girl with an innocent look. When she waved good bye to the dog, the dog wagged her tail and left the spot.


Author: Mintu Ghoshal.


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