May be next time

I was travelling from Penn Station, New York to South Orange, New Jersey by NJ Transit.

It was a weekday evening and the train was full of office passengers returning from work. As soon as I stepped into the platform I noticed many people were standing in the waiting room of the South Orange Rail Station. To go to the parking area from the platform a passenger has to walk across the waiting room. The waiting room is very useful for office goers during winter mornings, where they can wait for a New York or a Hoboken train to arrive. Hoboken is in New Jersey and Penn Station is in New York and there is river Hudson in between. During cold weather, waiting on the platform at subzero temperature is extremely uncomfortable. But I had never seen any passenger to wait in the waiting room in the afternoon.

As soon as I walked in I saw a boy, who could be fifteen or sixteen was playing guitar. The guitar case was left open beside him expecting to receive some dollar bills from people if they liked his music. I had never seen anyone so young playing any musical instrument so well. I, like everybody else in the room was mesmerized. I moved as close as possible and stood there. Not a single person could leave the room. I also noticed a young, married Indian couple was standing there and enjoying the music.

People started clapping as soon as his play came to end and everybody started putting dollar bills in the guitar case. I also noticed few twenty dollar bills there. Even after paying him they remained standing and looking with great admiration at that very young talent.

I heard the Indian gentleman asking his wife in Hindi, “Shall I give him a dollar.”
“No need, he already got lot of money”, the wife replied in Hindi.


Author:  Mintu Ghoshal

Follow him on facebook: mintu.ghoshal.9


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