It was a late morning at Rawalpindi in Punjab, Pakistan. Mohammed Jalaluddin knocked the entrance door of his house in a congested neighborhood; he had left his house very early in the morning, much before anyone in the neighborhood was awake. As soon as he stepped into the living room he asked his wife to bring some breakfast. Soon after his wife left for the kitchen he sat on the sofa of his living room, leaned back, stretched his legs and plunged into deep thought.

They had been planning for this operation for the last few months.

There is a growing popularity for western education among the people everywhere in Pakistan, Rawalpindi is no exception. They tried every possible means to stop western education in this country. Distribution of pamphlets, street corner meetings, visiting door to door and asking people to boycott western schools and trying several other soft means to convince people but nobody paid any attention to them. So as the last resort it was decided to create fear in the mind of people because when everything else fails fear succeeds. This western education is spoiling the culture and civilization of their great nation; this education encourages people to ask questions, challenge what is considered to be sacrosanct.

Even if western education can be accepted with great deal of difficulty because of its emphasis on science and technology and eventually creating opportunity to find good jobs, the western culture can never be accepted. It is a real evil. Free mixing between boys and girls who are not even related, consuming alcohol, watching movies, living together before marriage, girls walking on the streets wearing jeans and T-shirts &C. are the direct consequences of accepting western culture. They cannot allow this because this will destroy the fine culture of their country. Who knows one day grown up children might start leaving their old parents and start living with their wives separately.

If western education were given a shelter today the western culture would knock the door tomorrow and the western education would open the door wide open for the culture to enter and replace their traditional values.

The entire plan is his brain child. He has chosen the date with careful considerations. Their cricket team will play cricket match with the cricket team of another country. A large number of police will be engaged to protect the stadium, hotels and all the important roads.

An opposition political leader who has been trying to topple the government every week has called for a meeting. A large number of police will be posted there as well.

He has selected the best school in the town for this operation. Exactly half an hour after the school would start eight people all dressed as ‘men in uniform’ would enter into the school compound and close the main gate. One of them would watch the gate all the time to make sure nobody could escape through it.

They will carry enough ammunition to have at least five bullets for each student, every single teacher and every single non-teaching staff. They will also carry hand grenades which they would hurl to kill those who would take shelter into toilets or other rooms and lock the doors from inside. The plan is not to spare anyone. None of these eight men will carry any mobile phones; he did not want to repeat the mistakes made earlier. There will be no command center, his men on the ground will take decision based on the situation, a thorough training, which lasted for few months have been given, they will kill everybody and eventually they will obtain martyrdom while fighting the government force.

In the morning he went to meet those eight men and ran through every fine point of the plan. He looked at his watch. He realized that the operation is going to start in next few minutes in the school which is few kilometers from the house where he is sitting comfortably and going to have good breakfast prepared by his loving and caring wife.

He started feeling better realizing that the plan is perfect and since none of his men would be alive at the end of the operation, nothing could be proven against him and even if the authority could find any evidence there would be many more terrorist attacks in between and the older ones would be erased from the memory of people. Authority gives priority to those on which media focuses their camera and media always give attention to those which are the latest. If two terrorist attacks take place at an interval of one hour the media ignores the one which is one hour older. They care for sensational news for the profit of their news channel. Government news channel remains busy showing the development work done by the government, they do not cover any terrorist attack more than once because that would create negative image about the administration.

He felt more comfortable.

He looked at his wife with a great appreciation when she entered with breakfast. It is thirty five years since they are married. They have seven children, first six are daughters and the seventh and the last child is their son, jewel of his eyes, a gift form Almighty. His first three daughters are married and live with their in-laws. His son, who is twelve years old, is a student in an Urdu medium school. His wife persuaded him a lot to send their only son to an English medium school for his bright future but that was the only time when he did not listen to his wife. It was a matter of principle and he could not compromise on that.

“Begum, I am not seeing Jamaluddin, where is he”, he asked his wife about their son.

“You always ask about your son. You always forget that we have three unmarried daughters still living under this roof. I do not remember if you have ever asked the same question about any of your daughters” she tried to make a mild protest.

“I know our daughters help you in household chores. They are close to you, always under your supervision. But whenever I am at home Jamaluddin always stands next to me and talk to me. But today I am not seeing him. He must be outside playing with his friends, right” he asked.

“Yes, he is outside but not playing, he has gone to school”, she told.

“But today is a holiday in their school” he said.

“He has gone to his friend’s school. Do you remember Major Abid Ali, who was our next door neighbor, had moved to their new house last year? His son and our son are best friends. Since it is a holiday for our son, Abid Ali’s son took special permission from the principal of his school so that his best friend Jamaluddin can sit with him in his class room and watch their method of teaching. Many English medium schools allow students from Urdu medium schools to sit in their class rooms and watch their method of teaching. Our son left for his friend’s house in the morning after you had left, he will be wearing his friend’s spare school uniform and Major Abid Ali will drop both of them in the school. The school is little far from their house. They must have reached and probably the school has also started by now.” she told.

“But my son never told about this plan”, he asked.

“I thought he told you about this because he tells you everything” she told.

“What is the name of the school” he asked.

No sooner had she uttered the name than he ran out of his house.

Author: Mintu Ghoshal

Follow him on facebook: mintu.ghoshal.9


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