Random thinking – II

His name was George; he was born in America, he had Portuguese background from both sides. We worked together in a software project. We used to take coffee break together and we used to go for lunch together. He was much older to me but we were friends.

George was also a devout Christian. He sincerely believed that every devout Christians would go to Paradise. He was so obsessed with the idea of Paradise that he often would describe how the Paradise should look like. He memorized many lines from Holy Bible. During break he often used to recite few lines from the Holy Book, loud, so that I could hear. Probably he wanted my company during coffee breaks while he would be in Paradise. I used to get bored because I never cared about any faith including the one in which I was born. But I never tried to stop him because he was a good person, I realized that his belief was genuine and also he was much older to me. But I never paid any attention to what he said; his words always entered through one ear and exited through the other.

But one day I thought that I would listen to him. After listening to him for some time I asked him few questions which came into my mind only while I was listening to him. He suddenly made a comment “Hey you are quite advanced.” Since that day George did never discuss religion with me but we still were good friends just as before.

After George had stopped his preaching, I started getting curious. I started thinking what was there in my question that impressed a person who at least tried to understand one religion well. Between two of us his knowledge about religion was superior because he knew something about Holy Bible, at least he memorized many lines, but my knowledge on the subject was next to nothing.
One day it suddenly occurred into my mind that not knowing anything about any religion was a blessing in disguise. Indoctrinating with religious teachings from an early stage of life would be like explaining all the answers before even knowing what the question was.


Author:  Mintu Ghoshal

Follow him on facebook at: mintu.ghoshal.9


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