Random Thinking IV

Question: Which religion has the maximum number of ‘godmen’?
Answer: Hinduism.

When ‘godman’ Osho died, I read in the newspaper, he had more than hundred Rolls Royce cars for his personal use. In India there are hundreds of ‘godmen’, few names came in newspapers because their female disciples had lodged complaints against them and after police had started investigations they found ample evidences in favor of those allegations. Few of them are still in jail now.

Why are there so many ‘godmen’ among Hindus and probably none among any other religion? Because this is the only religion which not only believes but also advocates people to attain self-realization by austerity, penance, meditation, yoga &C. A self-realized man or woman is considered to have achieved ‘divinity’. Anything that one learns is nothing but ‘hollow word’ unless one attains self-realization. Hence the final goal that is set for an individual is to attain self-realization. A self-realized man or woman is considered to be ‘holy’ (like Buddha) and who does not want to be close to a holy man or a holy woman?

Every single day we see how this is being misused and how every single day a new ‘godman’ is being caught on the wrong foot. Some faiths might even call the idea of attaining divinity as blasphemy.

Should this be stopped?

Where E =mc2 was first used, killing how many innocents? Does that make the equation a bad idea? How many biological and chemical weapons have been manufactured and stockpiled till today? Are we going to stop teaching Chemistry in schools, colleges and universities?


Author: Mintu Ghoshal

Follow him on facebook: mintu.ghoshal.9


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