Three of them

A young American couple was visiting a child psychiatrist with their four year old daughter.

On being asked what their purpose of visit was, the parents mentioned that for the last few months they had been noticing their daughter to behave very differently, she had been shouting at her parents, she was getting angry very often, she had been throwing things and sometimes even throwing things at her parents, she had been screaming at her friends in the day care center where she was being kept for few hours every day when her mother would go for her part time job and there was even one complaint that she did bite one child in the same day care center, sometimes her parents had to wake her up from her sleep at night after they had heard her crying in her dreams &C.

The lady doctor asked if the child had any head injury, if she had fallen from a height or if there was any family history of neurological disorders from either side at which her parents replied negative.

She examined the child and found no sign of any external injury.

On being asked the mother told she did not have any history of tobacco, drug or alcohol abuse, she was gravida 1 para 1, she had a normal vaginal delivery and her baby was born full term. It was the first marriage for both of them.

The doctor started talking to the parents and at the same time tried to become friendly with the child. She found the behavior of the child was appropriate for her age.

After talking to them for little more than an hour she asked them to visit her the following day and also requested them to bring three envelopes, one passport size photo of each, pasted on each envelope and also one standard size photo of each.

The next day the parents visited the doctor’s office with their child and handed over the envelopes and the photos to the receptionist. The receptionist requested them to be seated and entered into the doctor’s office to hand over the photos and the envelopes to the doctor. The receptionist came out of the doctor’s office and informed them that the doctor would see them momentarily.

In few minutes time the doctor came out of her office, greeted the parents and shook hand with the child. She then escorted the family into her office.

After the parents and the child were seated the doctor sat on her chair. When the family started feeling comfortable she told the parents that in each envelope she had kept one photo which might or might not match with the photo which was pasted on the envelope. She handed over an envelope to the father on which his passport size photo was pasted. She asked him he could guess whose photo could be inside. The father replied that it could be the photo of any one of them. The doctor asked him to open the envelope. On opening he found that it was his photo which was inside.
Then the doctor handed over another envelope to the mother on which her passport size photo was pasted and asked the mother if her photo could be found inside. The mother replied by saying it could be her or her daughter’s photo. The doctor asked her to open the envelope. When she had opened the envelope it was her photo which she found inside.

Then she lifted the third envelope from her desk and asked whose photo could be inside. “It has to be our daughter’s”, both replied immediately. Immediately after that the parents exchanged looks couple of times.
“Thank you doctor for helping us”, the father said.


Author: Mintu Ghoshal

Follow him on: mintu.ghoshal.9


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