A boy in his early 20s entered into a McDonald’s restaurant at a shopping mall in Pune. He was wearing a T-shirt which had a big picture of Che Guevara printed at the front and the name printed on the back. Anyone who would take a look could be impressed by the uncommon determination in the look of Che, more likely it could impress any youth in his early 20s. Untrimmed beard all over the face, head covered with a piece of cloth and very uncommon look, so different, as if looking at the world with a great deal of curiosity. But who the real person was behind this portrait that is so popular even today.
Born as Ernesto Guevera in Argentina, he was a medical doctor by education. He got indoctrinated into communist ideology and joined Fiedel Castro during the communist revolution in Cuba which finally saw the victory for the communist party. As part of celebration of the victory Che was in charge of crushing all possible opposition and was responsible for executing the government force which opposed the uprising of the communist party of Cuba. Every day something of the order of thousand government forces, military and policemen were executed by the communist party army. People in charge of execution were mostly inexperienced shooters and the victims sometimes used to bleed all day till they died. Fiedel Castro, realizing that this revengeful mind was counterproductive to run a government, quickly diverted Che’s attention to other parts of the world where communist movement was getting popular. Soon he became engaged into Bolivia where communist party members were fighting with the Bolivian government forces. Che died in Bolivia, holed up in a school building, from where he was fighting with Bolivian military.
Che was given highest possible honor in Cuba even though he never was a citizen of Cuba. Children in Cuba sing every single day in schools in his praise.
Che, when he died had five children out of two marriages.

Author: Mintu Ghoshal.


Facebook: mintu.ghoshal.9


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