I Thought you loved me

I was visiting Accra Zoo in Ghana. The zoo was small, really small. It was possible to see all the animals in few hours. Unlike the zoos in America or Australia, where animals are kept in their natural habitat, in Accra Zoo they were kept just like the animals in Indian zoos; could remind one of Japanese Capsule Hotels where guest have just enough room to turn side wise while lying in their beds. But the animals in the zoo were huge. I had never seen a gorilla so huge. It reminded me about the gorilla from the famous Black Jack movie, where the animal fell in love with a girl from New York. I had never seen a lion so big in my life before. A tree can’t reach the sky but when I looked at the giraffe I believed that probably it could.
After perambulating in the zoo for few hours I sat under a shade to cool down. Climate in Accra can be very well compared with that of in Chennai, India but lot more natural. Even I could find the same kinds of trees.
Few feet away from where I was resting, a camel was tied to a pole. I saw a Middle Eastern man came near the animal and started cuddling it holding its face with his both hands. I could see the same kind of happiness in the face of the camel as could be seen by looking at the face of a child when a mother cuddles the baby holding the baby in her arms. Of course a child also makes an additional effort of touching the mother’s cheek with the two smallest possible hands during this moment of extreme happiness.
That was the first time I saw a camel from such a close distance. It looked so cute. It looked so happy, it seemed to me that if it knew how to hug, probably it would have hugged the man, but that could have been fatal.
Then suddenly the man left. I kept looking at the man while he was walking away from the camel; I was thinking which country he could be from. It appeared to me that he was from a land where people were familiar with camels. He looked like a Palestinian to me who was wearing a white robe but no head gear.
Then for no reason my eyes fell on the camel. I saw that the camel’s eyes were constantly following the man. It kept staring at him. The happiness from its face had disappeared. The man took a turn towards the main gate of the zoo, the animal’s face also turned. The man exited from the zoo and was not visible anymore. The camel’s face got fixed at the gate. As long as I sat there it did not turn its face away from the gate.


2 thoughts on “I Thought you loved me”

  1. What I like about this is that the same story could be done in pictures based on your words alone. Thanks for sharing. Half of me was smiling while the other half was wiping tears away.

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