Rank Holder

While walking beside the teacher’s room in our school we noticed that Sudhir sir, who used to teach Bengali literature in lower classes, was distributing sweets among his colleagues.

Very soon we started discussing within our classmates about what could be the possible reasons for him to distribute sweets.

We all knew that Sudhir sir had a son, who was studying in standard seven in our school and a daughter who was studying in college.  We were all clue less and our curiosity started growing like an inflating balloon.

But that day goddess of luck smiled upon us. One of our regular teachers was absent that day and Sudhir sir was sent into our class as a substitute teacher by the Headmaster. We were in tenth standard at that time and Sudhir sir never used to teach beyond eighth. But he was a very senior teacher and he taught all of us, when we were in lower classes and knew each one of us by our names.

Sudhir sir had another great quality, unlike other teachers he was not a believer of corporal punishment, hence students liked him more than were afraid of him.

In our class we had a student named Anup Chakraborty, who had the habit of shooting questions and most of the time his questions used to be inappropriate and sometimes out of context.

As soon as he had entered into our class, Sudhir sir gave us a big smile and started asking how we were &C.

Suddenly Anup stood up and asked “Sir why were you distributing sweets to other teachers this morning?”

We all realized that asking such a direct question was rude, but knowing how Anup was we were not so surprised.

Sudhir sir smiled at him and told that her daughter came third in her class in her college examination; he also mentioned that her daughter was studying B. A. in Political Science. He sounded very proud.

“Out of how many students, sir”, we were all surprised to hear the second question from Anup.

Sudhir sir did not answer and we felt it normal. We were not used to asking so many questions to our teachers.

“Out of how many students, sir”, Anup repeated the question after few seconds.

Only few of us sitting in the first row could hear him said “three”.


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