Through his eyes – 2

Suddenly the electricity resumed. For few seconds nobody could utter a single word, even the relentless barking sound of dogs had suddenly stopped hitting the ears.  The deep red water, dull yellow street light, piercing bright lights from the torches, hanging head from a body with dripping water from the clothes while being lifted on the ground – all in the backdrop of soft and bright moonlight haunted him day and night for many months to come.

Soon trailing drops of blood was discovered on the lane. The crime scene was reconstructed. Just before the inundated rice fields at the ‘T’ junction, there was an elevated land, where there were two ancient trees, a ‘sky touching’ chestnut tree and an equally tall silk cotton tree, separated by a distance of not more than ten meters. The trunks of those two trees were so huge that few grown up people could hide behind them without any chances of being found out. Using all possible sources of light, first few drops of blood were discovered just few feet away from the cotton tree and it covered a length of about fifteen meters, ending where the body was found. It became evident that the perpetrators were hiding behind the cotton tree when the victim was returning home from his work. He was attacked with a sharp and heavy weapon from behind by someone who was very strong and the victim started running towards his home while his neck was almost hanging in front and he fell into the water.

Almost every elderly people in the crowd knew that the victim was working in Calcutta Police, had three sons and a daughter and his youngest son was less than a year old. The body was taken to the nearest hospital which was few kilometers away. But nobody had any clue why he was murdered; he was known to be soft spoken and social. Those were simple village folks and the worst crime they were acquainted with till that time was breaking someone’s house late at night for which complaints were being lodged to the police.

[To be continued]


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