This is liked by boys and girls, both. But their outlook towards this outfit is completely different.

Boys, for example, would not wash it; the fabric would hold sweat, salt, hormones, amino acids, lipids and anything that a male body could emit. As days go by its weight would only increase. I have seen a student of engineering purchased used jeans from his friend, which his friend had used for more than two years, naturally faded, probably having one or two small holes in it, by paying a price with which he could have purchased two new jeans of the same brand. The older the jeans is, the more ‘cool’ it is. For boys the jeans should be dirty, heavy due to the absorption of biological molecules by its user and stinky of course.

A girl, on the other hand, would walk towards the jeans section, pick one at a time, stare at it, finally will select one whose length only would match her at that instance. She would not take it to the trial room knowing it would not fit her, but would say to herself, “I have to fit into it” and she would purchase it.

Immediately after that she would take certain measures which for boys would be unimaginable. She would skip meals, when hunger becomes unbearable she would eat tissue papers till finally, one day, she would fit into it and she would stand in front of the mirror.

I wonder what would be her blood hemoglobin content by then.


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