Through his eyes – 4

The name Kabigurunagar was renamed from “Shamukpota”, which was inhabited by very few locals who had been living there for generations. When few families from the city started settling in that village, they renamed it to something which satisfied their taste. A large portion of the village land was owned by one man, who had acquired it by dishonest means, known to very few but nobody cared to discuss about it. First few families that moved in had purchased their lands from him. He had a unique way of selling the land which Proloy learnt from his father when he had mentioned his own experience.

Proloy’s father lived in the city in a one room quarter which was shared by a large family of six people. His father was in search of a place of his own immediately after he got married. When Proloy’s father visited to inquire about the land, after reading an advertisement in the newspaper, he found few customers were urging the land owner to finalize their land deals as soon as possible, price did not matter to them, which made his father believe that the land was in huge demand and would be sold out in no time. He ended up in paying a price which was almost three times more than the prevailing market price. He did not even realize at that moment the difficulty he had faced to reach there. It was a remote area, there was no road, there was no electricity, and no other facility was available. Later he came to know that those people who pretended to be potential buyers were few close relatives of the land owner who had set it up in such a way that people would not hesitate to pay any price he would ask for.

[To be continued]


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