Through his eyes – 6

Next morning, as soon as he woke up, he ran to the spot. Few people were discussing the incidence of the previous night. Everyone was surprised to see writing on a long compound wall probably written just before the day break. It was written in red against a white background. The very first line, like the title of a story read like this – “From the barrel of a gun comes the political power.” In the next few lines the murder of the police officer was justified. It was also mentioned that Mr. Shanti Baruri was an Assistant Sub-inspector of Calcutta Police. At the bottom right corner it was written CPI (ML), which was the name of the political party, whose full expansion was Communist Party of India, Marxist-Leninist.
Soon few police vans arrived and there were police everywhere holding revolvers like ‘shoot at first sight’. They called a young man; used few swear words at him and ordered him to bring water in a bucket, a piece of cloth and to erase the writings from the wall. The man did exactly as he was told with trembling hands and legs. Police showed interest to know about who wrote on the wall and started asking every one present about it but did not ask if anyone had seen anything unusual on the night of the murder.
The news was printed in the most popular Bengali newspaper ‘Ananda Bazar Patrika’. “This is the first time the name of this place was printed in the newspaper”, somebody made a comment. The newspaper also made an observation that there was a blackout that lasted only few minutes which coincided with the time the officer was murdered.
It became known that police came few hours after the murder. The family which lived closest to the spot saw them through a small gap in the window. But because of the incessant downpour police had to leave soon.

[To be continued]


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