Through his eyes – 7

= * = * Migration * =* =

People had settled in their village in four stages.

The first was by the locals, very few in number though, who had lived there for generations.
In the second stage few families from the city had purchased lands and built their own houses.
In the third phase, refugees from East Pakistan, now Bangladesh came and settled. With the help of a local politician, named Sadhan Sarkar they obtained land free of cost by means of forceful acquisition. Before every election Sadhan Sarkar and other workers from his political party, which was CPIM (Communist Party of India Marxist) used to visit those families and requested them for their votes while reminding them of the favor which they had received in the past. But there was a rumor that those families, number of which was less than twenty, never voted for the communist party.
In the fourth stage, few families, whose bread earners used to work in a packaging company called ‘Metal Box’ moved because the factory was close to the village, travel time was not more than an hour by walk.
There was also a vast area of agricultural land where few local farmers used to grow rice and few other cash crops.
People, who moved from the city, traveled to the city every day for their jobs. The journey was long. Many people were self-employed, engaged into different businesses like rearing cows for selling milk, catching fishes from lakes and inundated lands and selling in the market, growing and selling vegetables, carpentry, construction work &C. There were few grocery stores, all confined within a very small area and most of the stores were owned by people from the neighboring state of Bihar.

[To be continued]


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