Through his eyes – 10

The farmer used to do several other unskilled works. For example, there was a dog in the neighborhood which started biting people, it was suspected that the canine had contacted rabies and its potential victims, when bitten could contact the same. The farmer was asked for help; he came with an iron rod and killed the dog with one single stroke.  He used to charge a nominal fee for those kinds of odd jobs.

The farmer did not own the land where he grew rice and catch fish; the land was owned by someone who lived in the city and looked after his other business. The farmer used to get only a part of the rice which he grew; he had a large family with many grown up sons and daughters and had no other stable source of income, all his boys and girls, most of them were adults, used to help him in the field.

There was also a large garden-house having a huge bungalow along with few acres of farm land and two large elliptical shaped ponds touching each other giving it a shape like ‘8’. The owner, who was a businessman, lived in the city. There was a gardener who lived in the servant quarter of the bungalow and looked after the property. He grew several crops like turmeric, ginger etc. The owner used to visit the farm house with his family few times a year in a white Ambassador car; as long as he spent time in his farm house, his car remained parked on the road side. That was the only occasion when the boys and girls got an opportunity to have a close look at a car for an entire day, interrupted few times when the gardener came out and chased them. The owner used to leave for the city in the evening with the trunk of his car filled with produce from his farmland.

[To be continued]


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