Through his eyes – 13

The village had many jungles and many more bushes; one of the jungles was so huge that it was almost like a small forest without any wild animals except foxes, hyenas and deadly venomous snakes; it had two huge bamboo plantations and all kinds of tropical trees bearing all kinds of tropical fruits. When Proloy was small, a girl named Bandana, daughter of a servant maid, died due to snake bite. A snake charmer was called to catch the venomous snake from the jungle. A small section of the jungle adjacent to the lane where she was bitten was cleared immediately after that. Since that day no one else in the village died due to snake bite. Few years later, an infant of about three to four months of age was taken away by a hyena. The incidence took place in the evening when the child’s mother was busy doing household chores inside and the baby was left unattended in the veranda of the house, which was at the periphery of the jungle. A hunt operation was carried out by young men of the village but no trace of the baby was found anywhere. Later many people thought that the child went missing due to other reason, even a conspiracy theory was not ruled out. However nobody had informed the police.

The village had many ponds, big and small, many low lands a part of which was used for agriculture, many marsh lands and a vast area which remained covered with Kans grass. There were all kinds of insects like butterflies, dragonflies, grasshoppers &C. During winter, in the early morning when the grass was still wet from dew drops, insects used to hop around the leaves to drink water. Children used to catch dragon flies, tied small cotton threads at their tails and allowed them to fly again and ran behind them by following the threads. So many dragon flies lost their lives in the careless hands of those very young enthusiasts. Every year there used to be a hail storm and all the green meadows remained covered with unadulterated whiteness for the next few hours. As soon as the hailstorm had ended boys and girls started running around in the ice covered meadows and put ice cubes into their mouths which tasted so good that they eagerly awaited another year to taste it again.

[To be continued]


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