Through his eyes – 23

In the leaflet, the murder of the police officer was justified; the officer and his colleague had killed one of their comrades in an encounter. The other police officer was murdered in the heart of the city the day after their comrade was killed and the day before Shanti Baruri was murdered. On the top of the leaflet it was printed “From the barrel of a gun comes the political power” and “CPI(ML)” at the bottom right corner.

His parents, especially his father started looking very disturbed. First it was decided that no one would divulge any information about the visit of the stranger and the leaflet was burnt immediately. One of his brothers mentioned that he knew the man who was a deeply religious person who visited temple regularly; his brother even knew where his house was which was about 10 minutes’ walk.

Even before the murder of the police officer people had seen posters on walls asking people not to vote during election. But those who wrote the posters were the teachers of the local school. The very idea that the school teachers were supporting a political party that believed in killing people disturbed everyone. Soon people started calling them as ‘Naxals’ instead of ‘communists’ probably because the newspapers started using the name.

Suddenly newspaper became a great attraction to people. There were very few families who could afford to buy daily newspaper hence most people had to flock to those houses to read it. Every single day there were news about murder of policemen by Naxals and killing of Naxals during encounter with police.
[To be continued]


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