A gross injustice has been done to this planet. Other members of the solar system have been disowning and owning this rock off and on which had lost its lustre long time ago. This matter should be settled once for all and this is what I propose.

DNA analysis should be done to find out if the Sun, who is deemed dad of all the planets of the solar system is also the father of Pluto. We need to compare the nucleotide sequence of the ‘Y’ chromosome of Pluto and the Sun; however this could be slightly difficult as the Sun is known to be a very angry guy and might not like if somebody asked him for DNA sample.

However, if the planet is a female and have no ‘Y’ chromosome then we need to look into the mitochondrial DNA of the planet and need to compare the same with the mother of Pluto, wonder who that could be.

But this exercise need to be completed soon otherwise the planet could get angry and might say “I do not want to be a member of this family” and buy a one way ticket to the other end of the universe.


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