Through his eyes – 26

The following day curfew was imposed and every single house was searched but the guns were not found.

The gun snatching incidence changed the behavior of the police overnight. Every single family was assumed to be complicit of the crime and the police started abusing people physically; even very young boys were not exempted. As a reaction, people developed hatred towards every single policeman. Members of the CPI(M), the communist party, which used to organize road shows and stage dramas with an intention to educate people about communist ideology suddenly turned into enemy of the people. Since their members were also local and knew details about every single individual, they started harassing those whom they knew to have soft corner for the Naxals. Soon Naxals and CPI(M) got engaged into direct confrontation and they started killing each other’s workers.

Workers of CPI(M) started raiding houses with fire arms and swords, started abusing people, even women were not exempted. Sometimes police and CPI(M) workers together started raiding houses, beating youths and olds alike; pulling women by hands. Locals, who had so far been providing material support to Naxals, primarily out of fear, suddenly started liking them. Families which were staunch supporters of the CPI(M) left the village almost overnight for the fear of being attacked by the Naxals. There were also few families, whose children studied in good schools in the city, left in a similar manner. Very soon the entire village was branded as a ‘Naxal village’ and the local school was branded as a ‘school which produces Naxals’.


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