Through his eyes – 30

The man inside looked like an eggplant burnt in a coal oven.
Even though their house did not have a compound wall with a main entrance door, still nobody was allowed to come inside their house for many weeks, visitors were sent back with some pretext or another and still everyone behaved completely normal.
They started living in a state of complete uneasiness as police raid and raid by the communist party workers were very common.
The man was burnt while making bomb, it was told that his name was Chandi. During that period of extreme anxiety, which lasted for little more than four weeks, till Chandi could wear some clothes and was in a position to escape if it were necessary, nobody in their family had ever dared to imagine what could possibly happen if it ever became known to the police that a Naxal was recuperating from burnt injury inside their house. However nobody had even dared to think what would have happened if his parents had refused to give him shelter.
While Chandi was recovering from his injury, almost every night police raided houses in their neighborhood taking young men to police station for beating and questioning. They were also insulting young girls in front of their parents and started beating family members if anybody had dared to ask anything. During that time of extreme police atrocities, women in their village marched to the local police station with a demand to stop police raids.
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