Through his eyes – 31

The day after the protest march by the women folks, a police van arrived at the main street. A police officer walked alone to their neighborhood, it was almost five minutes’ walk from where the police van was waiting. He was given a chair to sit and he was surrounded by the women folks and also few young men and boys. The officer identified the woman who was leading the group and spoke with the officer-in-charge at the police station. He mentioned that they had never seen any woman talking with so much courage and sophistication. He spent not less than one hour talking to the women and trying to understand their suffering caused by policemen. From that day onwards not a single house in the neighborhood was raided, however the police patrol did not stop.

Even though the Naxals used to address his parents as uncle and aunty and his parents used to talk to them like their own sons, but on few occasion he observed some serious anomalies.

One day his father had bought a big ripe jackfruit and carried it home on his shoulder. Generally a ripe jackfruit is as heavy as a small child and one need to carry it on one’s shoulder like carrying a small child. Carrying a child on shoulder could be interesting because the child would entertain the bearer by constant blabbering but a jackfruit, due to its prickly skin, impart constant pain on the shoulder of the bearer. But its taste is so refreshing and its smell so attractive that it is worth tolerating all the pain.
His mother removed few yellow colored fleshes from the jackfruit, kept those into two bowls and asked Proloy to give one to Chandi, the bomb-maker guy who was still recuperating in their house and the other one to Dulal Majumdar, who was in their house at that time. She also asked him to let them know that they should remove the white colored seeds from inside the flesh before eating. He handed over the bowls and also relayed his mother’s instruction verbatim. He was little surprised when he heard Dulal Majumdar made a remark stating that it was the duty of the person who had served the fruit to remove anything which should not be eaten. Proloy knew that neither he nor his brothers would expect their mother to do such things. He also knew that none of their relatives or neighbors who called her ‘aunty’ would ever have that sort of expectation from his mother. But he had never told this to his mother or to anybody in his house.


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