A newly married couple went to a marriage counselor to learn how to amicably resolve issues that could arise between a husband and a wife.

The counselor narrated a story according to which a wife burnt the bread which she had cooked for dinner. She felt terrible because on that night they had nothing else to eat other than the bread. When she served the bread on her husband’s dinner plate her eyes were full of tears. Her husband looked at the bread and then looked at her eyes and told “Darling, how do you know that charred bread is my favorite” and he gave her a big smile. Her tearful eyes started shedding more tears but her face started radiating joy.

“Now what do you think of the husband” the counselor first asked the wife.

“He loved his wife very dearly, he is a model husband” the wife replied.

“And what do you think of him” the counselor asked the husband.

“He feared his wife a lot” the husband replied.


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