Through his eyes – 34

The murder of the two men took place in broad daylight. The casualty could have been more had it happened an hour later when there would be many school children on the street. Even though nobody had seen the two perpetrators to hurl the bomb but those two were the only people who were not only seen on the street at that time but were also seen running away from the crime scene and one of them was also holding a bomb.
The Pal family had a young son whose name was Dulal Pal, an active worker of the Naxal party. On that fateful day the family also had a visitor, a relative, who came to stay with them for few days.
It was believed that the perpetrators were hiding behind the wall from where it was possible to watch the movement of the members of the Pal family; probably their intention was to kill Dulal Pal. Unfortunately, the relative, who was visiting the Pal family was mistaken for Dulal Pal when he came out of the house for taking a dip into the large pond which was on the other side of the street across the house. As soon as the victim came out and started crossing the street the perpetrators also came out from hiding and hurled the bomb on him. Another person, owner of a local barber shop was also walking on the street exactly at the same time and was also killed due to the blast. The most probable reason why the young man was mistaken for Dulal Pal was because he was almost as tall as Dula Pal was and he was also wearing a cloth which Dulal Pal often used to wear. Police did not arrest anyone for the crime. Neither any statement of apology nor any statement of condemnation was made either by CPI(M) or by Naxals.

According to newspaper report, there was a live bomb on the street which one of the victims tried to push aside with his foot and it exploded. Every student in the school was instructed not to touch any object if found to be lying anywhere.


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