Random Thinking VII

The boy was from Bihar, India.

I came to know about him from my friend who finished his high school education in New Delhi, India. My friend and the boy from Bihar were studying at the same class, same school in New Delhi. In his mathematics class the boy used to ask lots of questions to his teacher which always made his teacher very angry and the teacher always scolded him by saying that a Bihari (a person from Bihar is called Bihari) should work as a porter in a railway station or work as a laborer but not study in high school. It was known to every boy and girl in the class that the boy was quite advanced in mathematics and he always had lots of questions.

At a high school in New York, New York a boy in his mathematics class used to disturb his teacher a lot. One day the teacher called the boy to his desk and said to him, “I know what your problem is. You are quite advanced in the subject.”  He gave him a book of Calculus and asked him to solve the problems sitting at one corner of the class room.

I do not know what happened to the boy from Bihar. But I could imagine he had appeared in Public Service Examination, became a bureaucrat and carrying folio bags of politicians.

The boy from New York became Richard Feynman, the world famous Nobel Laureate theoretical physicist and also ‘quite a character’, according to Stephen Hawking.

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