Beef Ban

Academy Award winner writers are returning their awards.

First of all to return an award implies that the writer has accepted the award and he/she is still proud of it.
Let us assume that the award is only a medal and a certificate and a writer returns it. Is he/she doing it secretly without informing anyone?
But the reason of returning the award is very serious. They are protesting against heinous crimes which need to be stopped and the core issue to be addressed.

Should beef consumption be banned?
Of course.
For religious reason?
Of course not.
Then why it should be banned?
Because it is not right to kill domestic animals for their flesh and hide when they stopped producing milk. This is also a crime.

We Hindus were not vegetarians. Sacrificing animals is part and parcel of Vedic rituals. But killing domestic animals were prohibited. And students were not allowed to eat meat when they lived in their teachers’ houses during study, which generally lasted for twelve years. Students had many more restrictions. They were not allowed to sleep during the day &C. We Hindus became vegetarian because of the Maurya king Ashoka, who became a Buddhist. He, by means of his pillar edicts, rock edicts &C. transformed Indians’ minds. While doing that he became very unpopular amongst Hindus. He also inflicted severe punishment on those who ate meat. But eventually he succeeded. Ashoka also abolished death penalty, almost completely. The first veterinary hospital in the world was also created by him.

A Jain king of Gujrat was so obsessed with non-violence that he confiscated all the properties of a businessman because by mistake he had cracked a louse.

The same king gave death penalty to a Hindu merchant because he had purchased meat from a butcher shop for cooking at home. I do not know what happened to the butcher.


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