With only one

When he was fighting for his der Vaterland, Germany, an enemy sniper targeted at one of his testicles and pulled the trigger. He fell unconscious. When he regained his consciousness it was all bloody mess and the net result was that he had only one small thing missing but alive otherwise. The first thing that came out of his mouth was “die blutige Englisch.” But it appears that this popular story is incorrect.

He,Hitler, was actually born with one undescended testicle.
But imagine with only one descended testicle how many innocent lives he had massacred. What he could have done if he had two?
However we still do not know the testicular histories of the following people:
Joseph Stalin of Russia.
Mehmet Talat, the young Turk, a very powerful minister of the Ottoman empire, who is believed to be the mastermind of Armenian Genocide.
Mao Zedong of communist China who was responsible for the massacre of God only knows how many of his countrymen in the pretext of “Cultural Revolution”.


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