Transgenic food – In a lighter vein

A mother faced some difficulty while teaching alphabet to her son. When she said to her son, “Say A for apple” the child replied “I won’t.” When she said, “Say B for boy”, the child’s reply was the same.


Soon she changed her technique and she successfully taught alphabet to her son. She said to her son, “Don’t say C for cat” and the child said, “C for cat”. When she said, “Don’t say D for dog”, he replied instantly, “D for dog.”


I have been following the activities of several pressure groups with lot of enthusiasm. For every single new proposal they are up in arms with “No” as the only reply. For example, if there were any proposal about inflicting severe punishment to juvenile rapists they would protest saying, “Why a boy, who has not seen eighteen candles on his birthday cake so far should be punished severely?”


Another interesting example is transgenic food.


Transgenic foods could bring great benefits to mankind. Its pros and cons have to be thoroughly researched. Huge amount of data need to be collected and using powerful data analysis tools and simulation techniques we could get good indication about what could be its potential benefits and for how long vis-à-vis its downsides.


However, the reaction of the advocacy groups really amuses me. It reminds me of the child’s alphabet learning process. Strangely enough the advocacy groups are infinite times more vocal than the research groups and what people come to know about the transgenic foods is what the advocacy groups tell and people become so biased against transgenic foods that they never like to hear a word about transgenic foods from the scientific community.


However transgenic food is not so alien to us. The corn, soya bean and papaya that we have been eating are all transgenic.



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