His name was spelled as ‘Amlanava’ but the way he used to pronounce his name it should have spelled as “Amlanabh”. He was our batch mate in M.Sc. He was one of the brightest students in our batch but also very eccentric which sometimes was manifested in his behavior.


I and few of my close friends, who were very quiet in nature, used to sit in one corner of the class room and rarely used to speak to anybody else and never spoke to any girl; we were very shy.


One day, while we the ‘quiet guys’ were discussing something absolutely unimportant in very low voice, so that others could not hear us, Amlanava came to us and said that he was in a crossroad with two contradictory ideas and did not know which one he should accept and which one he should reject. The contradictory ideas were these:


He mentioned about some famous English writer, I am not sure if the name he had mentioned was Mark Twain or William Shakespeare, who wrote “Too much of anything is bad”. But there was also a famous quote in Sanskrit according to which “Adhikantu na doshaya” (which means excess does not cause harm). He asked each one of us about our opinion but before we could uplift our thinking from ‘mundane’ to ‘philosophical’ level, he left. He was never heard of discussing the same subject with others.


One day Amlanava was travelling in a crowded bus, he was standing. There was another passenger, an older gentleman, standing beside him. Amlanava suddenly turned his face towards the gentleman and asked, “Do you believe in God?” The gentleman, who was completely unprepared to face a question of that kind, looked at him. But before he could open his mouth, Amlanava said, “I don’t.”


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