A Gift

“Mom, why did you give money to the poor boy?” Rahul asked his mother Rohini Sahashrabuddhe.
“Rahul, I gave him money so that the boy’s family could buy some food with it”, Rohinidevi explained to her son.
Rahul and his mother were waiting for the walk signal when a boy of about six or seven came running and asked for some help. The boy ran towards the nearest slum as soon as Rohinidevi gave him some money from her purse.
“How will he buy food, he is so small”, Rahul asked his mother.
“He will not buy food by himself. He probably will give the money to his mother who will buy food for the family”, Rohinidevi tried to explain.
“Why was his mother not with him”, Rahul asked his mother.
“Probably he is having another younger brother or a sister and his mother is looking after the child”, Rohinidevi tried to give some plausible explanation.
“Mom, can I have a sister?”
“You do not want a brother?” Rohinidevi asked her son.
“I want a sister, boys always fight in my school but girls always like to play”, Rahul tried to justify his choice.
“Mom, how I was born”, Rahul asked his mother after they had started crossing the road.
“Mom, how I was born”, Rahul repeated the question while Rohinidevi was clearing her throat.
“One night it was raining heavily with thunderstorm. I opened the door and asked God to send you into my arms, the way the poor boy asked me for money and you came into my arms.”
“Was I wet”, Rahul asked.
“You were completely wet and I had to dry you with a towel.”
“What I was doing?”
“You were not doing much, probably because you were tired after a long journey. Your eyes were closed as if you were taking rest.”
“Mom, where was dad when I came into your arms?”
“Your Dad was with me, Rahul.”
“What dad was doing?”
“Mom, what dad was doing?” Rahul repeated the question when his mother was busy clearing her throat again.
“Your dad was holding me, Rahul.”
“Mom, I do not like dad holding you.”
Rohinidevi lifted her son into her arms and said, “Rahul, only because your dad was holding me you came into my arms.”
“Mom, will God send you a gift because you gave money to the poor boy”, Rahul asked his mother after a long pause.
Rohinidevi pulled her sons face, kissed his forehead and said, “He has given me one, His greatest gift.”

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