Freedom of thought

A court of Bangladesh has sentenced two science teachers named Krishnapada Mouli and Ashok Kumar to six months in prison because while teaching science they mentioned that heaven does not exist and as a corollary Quran is not the word of God.
For any monotheistic religion the concept of heaven is as important as a nucleus is to an atom. To the practitioner of a monotheistic religion heaven is like a government of India job, once you reach there you will always be there.
On the contrary in Hinduism and its sister religions heaven does not play any central role. These religions, also called ‘Dharmic’ religions have two important aspects.

From the philosophical aspect it believes that the universe is created out of nothing (void). Three primordial forces are primarily responsible for its existence – force of creation, force of retention and force of destruction or annihilation. It is created from nothing and at the end of creation it dissolves into nothing. And the cycle of creation, retention and annihilation is an everlasting phenomenon. Therefore anything which did not exist before and will not exist at the end cannot be real hence the world appearance is an illusion like the blueness of the sky.

From the practical aspect it believes in the law of ‘karma’ – as you sow so shall you reap.


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