Thank you Father

The Father of a church was deeply concerned for one of the members whom he had baptized.


In spite of taking oath of allegiance to Christ the man still liked with the God of ‘Mithras’, the religion which he had been practicing before he became a Christian.


He also liked Buddha and Buddhism, the religion which was well known in his land because of the traders from India and the Orient.


The Father was deeply concerned for the lightheartedness of his disciple but he thought over a period of time his disciple would be able to get rid of his pagan habits and would become a true Christian.


But to make things worse the man suddenly died.


The Father was convinced that his disciple was burning in hell. One day while thinking about the disciple he went into a state of meditation and the man came into his vision. He was shuddered when he saw him standing in a river of fire with his head just above.


“How are you”, the Father asked while sobbing.


“I am okay Father. As you can see my head is above the fire. Thank you for your prayer, I am standing on the shoulder of the Bishop”, the man replied.


[Adapted from a folktale of Istanbul]



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