It was a while ago.
“Half Girlfriend”, a novel by a very popular and very young Indian writer named Chetan Bhagat had just hit the book stand.
When I walked into a Crossword, a very popular bookstore chain in Pune I found few hundred copies of the book were stacked on racks and there was a big banner “HALF GIRLFRIEND – 25% DISCOUNT” hanging above those racks.
At the queue near the sales counter, a gentleman was standing just before me holding a copy of ‘Half Girlfriend’.
When his turn came, he handed over the book to the person at the counter and said, “ye kitab ke upar discount kitna hai” (what is the discount available on this book).
“Twenty five percent sir”, the man at the counter replied.
“Mujhe pachas percent discount chahiye” (I want 50% discount please), the customer said.
“What are you talking sir, you are getting 25% discount on Chetan Bhagat’s book, what more can you expect”, the person at the counter sounded too direct.
“Lekin girlfriend jab adha hai discount bhi 50% hona chahiye” (but when the girl friend is half the discount also should be fifty percent). The person at the counter could not help but laughing at the sense of humor of the customer.
While handing over the book and the receipt to the customer he said, almost in a whispering tone, “It also depends on which half.”

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