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When I was growing up I was acquainted with only few types of businesses or industries. There was a gentleman in our place who had one truck, two minibuses, and couple of taxis. So in today’s terminology he was in transport industry. There were industries like cement, baby food, oil etc. Education was not an industry those days. Students used to go to some individual for additional help if they needed and those individuals were mostly school teachers who never used to get their school salary in time.

Now education has become an Industry without an iota of doubt. We have “Akash”, “Bakliwal”, “Chaitanya”, “Narayana”, and you just name it. Parents pay something like INR 2 lakhs for two years to send their wards to these coaching classes. What are the commodities and raw-materials of this industry – let us not get into the details.

Health care is another industry. When I was growing up – for loose motion people used to visit Dr.  Sushil Chakraborty, for fever Dr. Sen and for anything more serious they used to visit Dr. Kalikinkar Chakraborty. Those days are gone. Now it is all multi specialty clinic. For seasonal fever undoubtedly they will do routine analysis of blood, urine, WBC, Platlets and what not. After all your health is of great concern to them. Being a giant industry it needed an additional leg for its support so there is health insurance industry.

If you lived in Bombay you must have heard the word “supari” in which money is being paid to a professional murderer to kill somebody. The murderer did not know the victim before. It is like you engage a moving company to move your furniture but here he is engaged in moving the soul of a person from earth to god only knows where. In the Bollywood blockbuster “De Dana Dan” (which is a copy from another Hollywood movie “Screwed”) Johny Lever has a famous quote in which he claims that as a “supari” taker he can not disclose the name of his client.

Now sex is also called as an Industry. We often hear sex workers have been harassed and so on and so forth.

Still to come:
Here are some of the following activities which are waiting in the queue to be called as industries:
Terrorism, money laundering, stealing, cheating etc. May be we need to wait for some more time. We just need to coin a “nice to hear word” ( like lingerie ) and “bam” it would become an Industry.

Author: Mintu Ghoshal

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